The little girl

I’m the little girl with a million words passionate about helping people master the English language for a better future. I write to share my thoughts and knowledge with hopes to also learn a thing or two from my readers.

Back in 2010, I joined a recruitment consultant and my first project was to help fresh graduates get jobs. I was astonished at the poor command of their English language which in turn affected their employment success rate. In 3 months, I had sent out 80 high scoring graduates out for job interviews after matching their skill to the job scope offered by the client. Only 5 of them were hired. The remaining 75 graduates were left unemployed because they lacked the soft skill, English in particular.

While many of us understand the importance of the English language, there are still many who don’t. Then there are those who know English is important but do not know how to pick the language up. Many have shared with me that they don’t speak English in public in fear of being mocked and laughed at.

I have faced it all. I grew up in an English speaking environment and admittedly, I am more comfortable expressing myself in English. I have been laughed at, ridiculed and mocked for always speaking in English. But thanks to my parents’ support, I never stopped learning and speaking the language. Today, I am equipped with the knowledge and skills to help you and your children master the English language.

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With love, inspiration and passion