Don’t stop believing

Azzalea can finally scoop her food to feed herself!! While I will miss the days I feed her, I am so proud and glad she finally did it!

Since a month ago, she wanted to try to feed herself. She would try to scoop, but couldn’t control her spoon and so would fail. And she would get frustrated. She gets upset when I scoop for her. And she liked it even less when I held her hand to guide her into scooping. Yes, this little one wants to be independent quick.

So when she finally did it, I was super stoked. And so was she. My father was behind us and saw what happened. And what he said next resonated with me. He said:

This is something adults should see. Progress. – Prof Dr Rozhan M. Idrus

Precisely. Life is about progress. We don’t get anything instantly. Things don’t happen instantly. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Much like learning a language. Many have complimented me for my ability to speak fluently in English. This skill did not happen within a day. Heck, I did not pick it up within a year. It’s years and years of speaking to people around me, listening to movies, music and people, reading book after book and writing what I know. It’s a process that takes place which in time, progresses.

Nothing happens overnight. You cannot expect to learn English for a few days and get frustrated days after because your English is not improving.

You can’t keep saying ‘I’m too old to learn the language’ and feel sorry for yourself when you don’t understand a TED talk that is delivered in English.

You can’t say ‘My English is not good enough’ and yearn or expect yourself to speak well. By saying to yourself that your English is not good alone shows you’ve given up before even trying.

Say ‘if only’. Say it as many times as you want. ‘If only I can speak English.’ ‘If only I can understand English.’ Say it if it makes you feel better.


Do something about it at the same time. Speak to someone every day. Even if it is one word or one phrase one day. It’s like saving. A penny saved is a penny earned. A word said is a sentence acquired. A sentence said is a speech gained.

And be okay with progress. As long as you are progressing, it’s okay. As long as you’re speaking, you will make progress.

Also, please start saying this to yourself. ‘I will speak English well. I will get there.’



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