No more sad songs

I know I have accomplished my goal in making my students comfortable with English when they speak to me in English even outside school. The bar is set. Whenever they talk or send me a text, it's in English. I do not need to remind them to speak to me in English. It's automatic wherever, wherever.

I know I need to do more to help them embrace the language because among themselves, they go back into their comfort zone of speaking in their first language. Which shows me that when with peers, they are not yet comfortable to use English.

The good news is that if they are around someone of authority, they already can, and will speak in English.

The unfortunate news is that they lack consistency, which could stump their progress in mastering the language.

Beautiful isn't it? The job as an educator. There is always something to accomplish, a greater height to achieve. The question what's next will never cease.

Looks like role play sessions will be doubled in the English class. I'm hoping that if they can get comfortable with speaking to each other in English during class, it will become a habit.

Pray it works!!


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