A little less conversation

My summer class students, 5-6 year olds, sit in my Year 1 Mathematics class. I give them their work and proceed with the Year 1 class.

We were learning to round tens. Halfway through teaching, I noticed that one of the boys had stopped doing his work. He was looking at the board and peeking at the Year 1 workbook. I let him be.

Once the Year 1 students had finished with their work, I let them go for playtime. Then he came to me.

"Teacher, can you teach me how to do that?"

'You want to round tens?'

He nodded. And so I erased the board, and asked him questions.

'If the ones is between 1-4, does it become 0 or 10?'

He answered correctly.

'If the ones is between 5-9, does it become 0 or 10?'

He answered correctly.

I wrote a double digit number on the board.

'If I'm rounding this number to the nearest ten, underline the number I'm rounding.'

He underlined the correct number.

'Which number do we look at?'

He showed the correct number.

'Will this number become 0 or 10?'

Correct answer again. He eventually nailed the question. It was 5 minutes to break time and he kept asking to answer more questions. I had to force him to stop. 😅

Amazing aren't they? Kids? When they are interested, nothing stops them from learning and wanting to learn. Even if it is something beyond what they need to know. When they want to know, learning becomes limitless.

And know what? If you notice that your child wants to learn something beyond their age, let it happen.


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