No ceiling

To inspire is to move someone to achieve something.

Last week, I was inspired by one of my students to keep doing what I do. 

She asked me what she can do to start earning. After getting to know her for 5 months, I knew she loved writing and dreams of becoming a journalist. I also knew she loves artsy stuff and that she create glass paintings. So I had a half anhour chat  with her about leveraging on her talent for painting and love for writing.

Task 1 was to setup her blog within 1 week and have the pilot blog post up within the week after.

Task 2 was to make and giveaway 10 glass paintings out for free within 1 week, as a marketing strategy. As I was telling her how to make this possible with a small capital, another girl overheard the conversation and volunteered to help with social media marketing. I spoke to the 2 of them about having a profit sharing agreement.

Last Monday, this was given to me as a present.

I can only hope that the things I shared will continue inspiring her. She gave me hope. Hope that the next generation is ready to face challenges. Ready to brave the tough times. Ready to make a difference even at the age of 15. And most importantly, ready to take action.

Her gift reminded me to keep inspiring. To keep repeating myself in hopes that one day it will make a difference. Her gift is a sign that even when I don’t think they listen, they are listening. Even when they seem to not care, they do care. She reminded me that to have faith that when the time is right, it will happen.

I can only hope to inspire the people around me. Guess what, I have ended up being inspired!



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