Azzalea was trying to climb the stairs of the slide when I noted this boy trying to kick her head. I told him to stop. He looked at me and tried to kick Azzalea again. I told him to stop again, only this time with a slightly louder voice. I knew where his parents were sitting and glanced at them. His father was on his handphone and his mother was eating. I was not interested to kick up a fuss, so I told Azzalea that play time was over, and took her back to our table.

Boy, times are different aren’t they. Back then, a parent would immediately get up if they saw their kid being mean to others. Nothing needed to be said because their eyes would have already been on their child. That parent would also ask their child to apologise for trying to be unfriendly. In some cases, the parent would take their child home for misbehaving. That is not the case now is it? 

At the time it happened, I was slightly furious. Furious that the parents were not paying attention to their child. Furious that I did not say anything directly to the parents. But after a while, I realised that it’s good these things happen to me. I

t serves as a reminder for me to always pay attention to Azzalea and never to be distracted by gadgets when it was time for me to be with her. Nothing can be more important than her knowing that I am there to play and have fun with her, not leave her to play and to be ignored.

It’s a reminder for me get up and sweat. After all, I am in an air conditioned area 80% of the time. I have been packing on so much unwanted weight, that my pants are beginning to be to small for me.

It reminds me to show Azzalea the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. And that if I want her to be healthy and active, I too will be healthy and active. That if I want her to have a healthy mind by exploring, I too will actively explore. I can’t wait for the day she starts running. We can go jogging together.

It’s a reminder that when it is time to work, I work and when it’s time for Azzalea, I am all hers.

Pay attention to your children. Especially in this time and age. Let’s not live to regret the important people we took for granted.



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