From afar, I could see the frown on her face. She was clearly tired. The queues were long. Both inside and outside. But she was pretty fast, efficiently alternating her attention to keep the line moving.

As I drew closer to her, I noticed that every other customer was very occupied with themselves. Some on their phone. Some looking at the watch repeatedly, anxious to just get out of the place. No one created eye contact with her. No one looked at her.

I stepped up to the cash register and gave her a smile. She ignored it. Her fast fingers continued to work. As she handed my balance, I looked at her, said thank you and left another smile before turning to leave. She did not maintain any eye contact with me but her mouth twitched as she turned her head to help the next customer, and there was a smile.

So drop a smile at people we deal with. Even if we don't know them. Especially if we don't know them. They have been of service to us. They stand for hours to make our transactions smooth. They sweep tirelessly keeping our surrounding clean. They stay awake overnight ensuring our safety. They endure our inquiries and give an answer they have had to give a million times in that day. 

So smile. It's fast and easy with no need for a conversation, yet able to make someone's day.



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