The lazy song

I overheard a teacher label her student as lazy for not being able to complete her work and I just couldn’t sit back and say nothing.
Let me ask you. Have you ever quit something? Have you ever walked out of a movie theatre? Can you tell me one thing that you keep persevering at (unless it involves salary) even when you feel it’s not worth it? When was the last time you committed to doing something you do not understand? Simply put, would you do something you do not like?
Even as adults, our answer is no. So if we won’t, how can we expect a child to do something they do not understand or do not have interest in?

Children are not lazy. Their brain is wired to keep working. They always want to know, explore and understand things that happen around them. They are however, wired differently, making them receive knowledge at difference paces and in different ways. No one method can be used for all children. So when when our children suddenly zone out, don’t listen and don’t do the work or task given, we start labeling them as lazy among other things.

Has it ever occurred to anyone of us that when they zone out, it’s actually because they do not understand. Or because they are not receptive to the method we are explaining. Or it is that all we do is talk but they want to do something instead. 

It’s not all them. It’s us adults too. It is us who have lost their interest. It is us who bore them with words. It is us who ask them to keep quiet. It is us who stop them from experimenting. It is us who hold them back from trying. It is us who isn’t giving them the attention they need to uncover new things. It is us that’s stumbling their education. They are not lazy. They just want to understand what’s going on. 
So the next time you see your child showing signs of disinterest, or if the school teacher tells you that your child is not completing homework and running around causing chaos in school, do this…
Find out what is stopping them from completing the things they need to do. Your child may be too brilliant for the boring black and white worksheet. The lesson may not be inspiring their already active brain to a point where their minds wander to somewhere more exciting, and miss out on the lesson.
Also, take a step back to if see we are making our children want to learn. It can’t be all them. We are just as involved. 

So get your children back. Make learning interesting. Make learning inspiring. Let them watch you learn. Learn with them. And you will get your child to do the things they need to.



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