Safety Dance

Getting a child to get their chores done is a challenge, let alone to remember the chore that needs to be done.

I started getting tired of reminding the kids to clean up before leaving for a meal or for the day. So, with the help of a bestie, Eric and Ariel stickers were created for the children’s Chore Chart. They are 7-9 year olds so the chores are:

Sweeping the classroom floor

Arranging the table and chairs

Putting books and stationeries where they belong 

Taking out the trash

Cleaning the whiteboard 

On the first day, they needed to be reminded. But thanks to the fact that they were conditioned to be conditioned, by day 2, they were following the chore chart. By the end of the day, their classroom was spick and span. I couldn’t be more proud of them. They’ve kind of put their big sisters and brothers to shame. Maybe I should create a chore chart for the big ones too…

Want stickers? Visit GottaList Studio on FB and IG 😉



‘I’ve completed my chore! I can go home now.’

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