Man In The Mirror

I was taking a stroll at a park recently. First time there. Never googled it and didn’t know what the park looked like. Went on recommendation. When I got there, I was not disappointed. The place was beautiful. The track was good, the air was fresh and the landscaping was breathtaking.

And then, my heart was broken when I found empty bottles and plastic lying around. What made me more sad was that the trash, was right beside the bin.

Dear people of Malaysia, why is it so difficult to throw rubbish where it belongs? The bin is just there. No bending is needed. No tip toeing is needed. Just lifting the lid and discarding the rubbish for then the area stays clean.

Dear people of Malaysia, upon leaving rubbish everywhere, why do we complain that your country is dirty? Aren’t we the cause of the filth? Haven’t we acted as the catalyst? Haven’t we set this unpleasant example to visitors of our country?

Dear people of Malaysia. Why is it that when we are in a different country, we abide by their rules and throw trash where it belongs? Why do we care more for someone else’s country instead of our own? Are our rules different from theirs? What good is impressing them in their country if we are not practicing the same in our own home?

Dear people of Malaysia. We take pride in being multiracial. We respect each other’s religion. So why aren’t we respecting the call by our religion to maintain cleanliness? Isn’t cleanliness half of deen?

Dear people of Malaysia. Notice the person watching us: Our children. Our next generation. Our future leaders. Remember that they watch our every move. They see us litter. They see us nonchalant about our responsibility to our environment. They will grow to follow suit. And continue to keep our country dirty. 

Dear people of Malaysia. Make that move. Lift that lid and be the difference. We may not have had that person to look up to. But we can be looked up to. For any change to happen, it starts with us. For our country to be better, we need to start getting better.
Dear people of Malaysia. Make that change. 



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