The Call

It’s not in my car. It’s not in the car. It’s not out in the yard. It’s not in the compound. It’s neither in my bag nor in Azzalea’s bag. Where is it?

I was sent on a phone chase this morning. Azzalea and I were headed out. After settling her in the car, I reached for my phone to Waze our destination. I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere in the car. Under the seat, on the floor, in my handbag, in Azzalea’s bag. Not there.

I got down from the car and searched the house. On the table, computer table, on my bed. Not there.

‘Ma, can you please call my phone. I cannot find it.’

The phone rings but not able to be located. My phone was on silent. So all I could search for was the vibration. None detected. Not anywhere in the house. Not in the car. No light coming from the grass. Nothing.

‘Kak Iman, put your Apple ID.’


‘Kak Iman, your phone is 0 miles away.’

“Where? I’ve looked it’s no where.”

Then I hear a ping. It was coming from the car.

“Syafiq, I hear a ping but I can’t find it.”

‘It’s here Kak Iman.’

It was in my arm rest. Now I remember.

As I was putting the things in the car, I slipped my phone into my right pocket. I had some cash in the same pocket. So I told myself to put the phone somewhere else so that the money doesn’t slip out when I take my phone. Before I took Azzalea out, I put the phone somewhere safe. The armrest.

And then the scare followed. This happens to me pretty often. I keep something somewhere safe, and end up not being able to find it.

Here’s what’s funny though. In the entire time I was looking for my phone, a voice at the back of my head was asking me: Can you live without an iPhone?

My oh my Apple, what have you done 😅.

Keep your things safe, but not too safely I guess.



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