I see another run by. 


Another one shoots past me. 


A group of them blitzes by me.

I call them. 

‘What will happen if you run and fall?’

“We will bleed”

‘Yes. And then we will have to call your mommy and get her all worried. Do we want that?’


‘What if you fall and knock your head? You could lose your memory.’

“Teacher I saw a story. He fell. He hurt his head and he couldn’t remember anything.”

‘Yup, that can happen. Do you want to forget your mommy and daddy?’


“And teacher, if we fall we could lose our eye.”

‘You are right. If you hurt your eye, you could.’

“I have a cat and he has only one eye. His name is Blind.”

“I have a cat too and he is blind and his name is Captain.”

“I have a rabbit and it’s also blind.”

Suddenly, all of them have one eyed pets.

They never fail to crack me up. 



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