I put a spell on you

“Teacher, spell straight”

‘S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T . Straight’

“Spell dream”

‘D-R-E-A-M . Dream’ 

“Spell wrong”

‘W-R-O-N-G . Wrong’


‘W-R-O-N-G . Wrong’

“Wrong teacher. Again is spelled A-G-A-I-N”

We were doing spelling a few weeks back and at the end of their session, I let them have some fun by asking me to spell words. They gave me words I had never even heard and I was still able to spell them. How?

Certain words in English are spelled in a certain way. The -tious, -tion, -phous, -phobia and sorts. So from the sound of the word, it is possible to identify the correct spelling even without knowing the meaning. How to reach that level?
Practice. I can’t say this enough. Practice speaking. Practice listening. Read. Get familiar with the language. Make mistakes and be okay with being corrected as a method of learning. Speak and get mocked and laughed at. Then use that experience to toughen up mentally. The tables will turn. 
And NO. You’re not too old to start learning the language. 

By the way, the story I shared, is what determination looks like. They were determined to have me make a spelling mistake. Indeed, I fell into their trap. Creative right?



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