I love to talk. I love to tell stories 😏😏.

I love to listen too. I also love to listen to stories. Stories that are informative even if it has no relation to ke whatsoever.

When the news about the increase of tax in our country broke out, our nation was enraged. Then I caught up with a friend who had a slightly different point of view. This friend shared that in certain European countries, taxpayers pay as much as 30% of tax. In return, they enjoy free education and get to shop for groceries at an extremely price. They can get butter for like 1 Euro. That kind of thing. By the end of our conversation, we couldn’t figure out what our government had planned with our tax money so life just goes on.

Thanks to that sharing, I was able to share about the possible benefits of high taxes to a 13 year old who expressed he wasn’t happy with the increase in the amount of tax we the people have to pay. This kid is a smart alec. And he knows he is one so there are times, he unknowingly and unintentionally looks down on others.

Until I shared that story and he then realized that he too, has things he doesn’t know and that everyone learns different things everyday.

He was such a good reminder to me to always stay grounded. Sometimes, when we get so caught with things, we forget that there are other people, other feelings and other thoughts around us. We forget that there are more things we need to learn and absorb to be able to do things better. For a moment, we think we know enough to get the job done, until it’s done and we find out we missed out on something not yet learned.

The best teacher is a teacher who learns. No matter the age. No matter the experience. There is always something to learn. 

And I’m glad I had that why-are-we-talking-taxes conversation πŸ˜‰.



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