Stupid mistake

Week 1

I seek an answer to a question and no one tries to answer.

‘Make a guess.’


Week 2

One student gives an answer!

‘You’re almost there.’

I give the correct answer. 

‘Good. The more you try, the better you’ll get. When you know what you’re doing wrong, you get a chance to make it right. 

Week 3

Silence again

‘Just try and guess. Otherwise I cannot help you.’

“But I scared wrong” (but I’m scared I’ll get it wrong)

‘What normally happens when you answer wrongly?’

“You give correction.” (You will give the correct answer)

‘Okay, so make a guess.’

I get an answer. It is wrong, and I correct it. 

Week 4

“Teacher! I try. But if wrong you give me correction okay!”

‘I want to try. But if I get it wrong, correct me okay?’ ‘Repeat’

The student repeats, gives an answer and gets it right.

Our students are so scared of making mistakes. I dug deeper to know where that fear came from and found out that in their previous school, if they answer wrongly, they were scolded. And from there on, they kept quiet.

And what happens 5, 10 years down the road? Our students graduate as robots that produce perfect results with no ability to communicate, respond or to critically question and defend themselves.

Students are in learn mode. They need to make mistakes as part of their learning process. Disallowing mistakes automatically stumps learning. And what’s more important is they must know that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as the mistakes are corrected and never repeated again. 

Much like us adults, isn’t it? So many of us run our own business and are bosses at our organization. Tell me you’ve not made mistakes in your path to get to where you are. Not in any way possible. 

Whether an adult or a child, mistakes are a part of life. Look at where we are now, and remember the mistakes we made have become valuable lessons and has brought us to today. Give our children a chance too. They only deserve it.



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