No air

I’m sitting down and I here fast and loud footsteps. 30 minutes later, I hear it again.

‘Can you please come here.’

‘Follow me. Take a deep breath.’


‘Just follow me.’

‘Take a deep breath. Let go.’

‘One more time.’

‘Last time.’

‘Okay, you can go.’

The running turned into walking.

This doesn’t just happen to kids. It happens to us adults too. We get caught up in the heat of things and find ourselves rushing through everything. And in that rush, we overlook and forget things that are important.

I love being around kids. They remind me to take a step back and relax. 

So the next time things seem to get a little out of hand, stop, take a deeeeeeep breath and let go. Repeat 3 times. Remember to throw in a selawat for extra calmness.



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