I want to become a trainer!

What do I train people to do? What do I want people to know? What do people need to know. My jigsaw puzzle was too incomplete. In my path to figuring out the kind of trainer I wanted to be, I was offered a job as a recruitment consultant at a local recruitment agency.

‘If this will uncover my next puzzle that will bring me closer to being a trainer, I will do it!’

The first project assigned to me was to get fresh graduates a job. Public university graduates with CGPAs of 3.50 and above. Bright students. The future brains of the country. Graduated from the best public learning institution. My job was to match their resume and soft skills to Multinational Company (MNC) of Government-Linked Company (GLC), convince the client to see them for an interview, schedule the interview and make sure the graduates get there. In a matter of 3 months, I had sent out 80 graduates for job interviews.

The employment result shocked me, it sent me home crying on some days. 5 out of the 80 were offered an job. What happened to the other 75? They were rejected because they lacked the proficiency to speak English which affected their self confidence in the interview room. What a waste of talent. I stayed at the job for about 3 years, hoping to be able to make a change. Unfortunately, due to targets and other job requirements, I was not able to.

But! I found the next piece to my puzzle.



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