Sometime last week, I shared this:

I was given the name Iman Fairuza Rozhan by parents who are lecturers. Teaching runs in my blood but I found my passion in teaching much later in life, by accident.

Remember those information cards we had to fill back in school? There is a column for us to fill our top 3 ambition. Remember that? Well, all through primary school, my top 3 were: Doctor, Lawyer, Lecturer. Then when I stepped into high school, I wanted to become a DJ/VJ. Not long after I discovered I was too short to become a VJ and then just did not know what I wanted to do.

Yup, I was one of those kids who did not know what she wanted to do with her life.

So after I graduated in Human Resource from UPM, I received an offer from RHB Bank as a customer service. Frankly, they wanted me to play for their tennis team. Since I did not want to end up jobless anyway, I accepted the offer. Win-win situation.

The office was in Jalan Tun Razak, and I lived in Puchong at that time. I’d wake up at 5 every morning to catch the 530 bus to KL Sentral. Get on the train to Ampang Park and then take a cab to the office, cross the overhead bridge to make it in time for work. Took the same route to head back and would reach home at approximately 10pm. Same routine day in, day out for an entire month, until I got my car. I kept telling myself to suck it up or end up scrounging for a job.

My parents taught me and my siblings to earn what we want. At the age of 22, all I wanted was a comfortable life. To be able to eat whatever I wanted at any time, and to buy whatever I wanted whenever my heart desired it. So I worked hard and I worked a lot. I made sure that everything I did, was done to achieve greatness cause my parents taught me that nothing less than great, honest and right is accepted.

After 2 years, several recognitions, awards and a promotion, I found one puzzle to my life.

What was it?



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