Read, Write, Say, Repeat

At the age of 5, I started reading Peter & Jane. The book remains the best reading material for children. I never saw the significance of the book until a recent class with a 6 year old.


The words are repeated so many times on the same page and on the subsequent pages. The first time the boy saw the words ‘look’, he pronounced it as ‘lok’. Like Jalan Loke Yew ‘lok’. I corrected him. The next time he saw the word on the same page, he still needed to be corrected. He had to mention the word 7 times on the first page. By the time we flipped to the next page, he got the pronunciation right!

I noticed that the same thing happened with the word ‘here’. He pronounced it as ‘hair’. After being corrected and saying it 5 times within 2 pages, he got it. No wonder Peter & Jane works!

What I did after that was to say the word for him to spell repeatedly. I quizzed him after and he spelt the words correctly without having to look at his book.

Looks like my shelf is going to be filled with the entire Ladybird series. I would highly recommend that parents get this book to start reading with your kids when they reach 5-6 years old. Read with them. It is a worthy investment, both the money and the time. If you’re not up to getting the series, let me know. We can work something out 😀



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