Me, myself and I

Fun with colours!

The boys had some fun learning words of same meaning. Nope. I do not use jargons like ‘synonyms’ in my lessons. I keep it simple and easy for them to understand and relate to. This is something you can do with your children over the weekend. Perfect chance to bond with them and for you to bring out the kid in you that loves colours.

Here is how:

1. Write words of the same meaning on cards.

2. One word on each card.

3. Have 2-4 sets of cards, depending on your child’s level.

4. Have 5-10 words per set, depending on your child’s level.


Set 1: Pretty, Beautiful, Cute, Handsome, Gorgeous

Set 2: Big, Large, Huge, Mammoth, Massive

Cards ready?

5. Spread the words on the table or floor.

“Let’s match the words. At the end, we must only have 2 groups of words.”


“Why did we match the words into these groups?”

Once again, expect answers according to your child’s level. If they can’t relate yet, explain that they are words that have the same meaning. Give them examples:

Pretty girl. Beautiful mommy. Handsome daddy.

Big house. Large pizza. Huge bear.


Have fun bonding!



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