Love you like I do 

Mastering a language takes time. Heck, mastering anything takes time. Even as a baby, we take time to stand, walk, pick things up, learn to eat and all. So why is there an expectation for our children to master things so quickly? 
It took time for me to be good at English. It started with speaking at home. In primary school, I was a story teller and I loved every bit of it. In secondary school I joined the radio club. In university, I joined the debate. I have always been involved in things that allowed me to speak in English. There was always an avenue for me to speak. Over time, my command improved and I mastered the language.

I mingled with people who let me speak English. I made friends with people who spoke English. I ignored those who did not like me because I loved to speak the language.

It was a journey. It’s like building Rome and the Taj Mahal. It takes time, effort, a support system, a solid structure, strong walls. It needs patience, tenacity, strong will and determination.

And guess what, with time, your kids can master the language too.




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