Remember that girl I keep writing about? The one that was too shy to speak up? The one would always respond to me in Malay even when I ask her a question in English? 
Remember I shared in the past few months that she had started coming out of her shell? She was started speaking up. She began initiating a conversation with me. And even though she gave me one word answers most of the time, it was in English.

Remember her? 

I had the chance to meet her father and asked how she was doing at home. Alhamdulillah, her father said she pronounces words better and clearer now. And that she scored an A in her final term exam. A jump from a C. The gleam on this 7 year old’s father’s face was priceless. She got a big hug from me. 

This shy girl was also front and centre during her class Choral Speaking performance. And she presented her part loudly, clearly and fluently.

Did this happen overnight? Absolutely not. This is months and months of continuously speaking, encouraging her to speak and exposing her to new words. This is endless support from her parents.

Language cannot be mastered in one day, a week or a month. It’s a lifetime process and it starts at home. 



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