When we were young 

Bringing back the old ways with a modern twist.
Azzalea gets iPad time once a week. And she watches with her head up in hopes that she will not grow up with the habit of keeping her head down all the time. Keeping her head down will subconsciously affect her self confidence. Looking downwards will make her oblivious to the world. With her head up, I hope that becomes observant and more focused with the happenings around her. My hope is that her mind starts quizzing and questioning the things she comes across. With her head up, I’m hoping she’ll gather the courage to speak up for what’s right.

Back then, we did not have iPads and gadgets. And we were all fine. So I’m keeping to that tradition. She gets minimal exposure just so there isn’t a gap with her peers in the future.

I’m sticking to my ‘no phone or gadget till 18’ policy.



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