I was pleasantly surprised when the father to one of my students came to me to acknowledge that his son’s English has improved, Alhamdulillah.
I do not have any teaching background. I do not have a Bachelor’s Degree in TESL. I did not graduate from a university abroad.
I spent the last 9 years in the corporate world. The 1st 3 years was spent climbing the corporate ladder until I realized it isn’t for me. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human a Resource from University Putra Malaysia.

I was mocked, made fun of and cast away for being different. I was called weird because I loved to speak in English. I was not the favourite person to be friends with because I preferred to express myself in English.

Now, I’m a tutor. I do it out of love and passion. I spread the love and passion to my students until they fall in love with the language. I learn from them so that they know that I’m human, I make mistakes and mastering English is about learning to love it. 

I understand how they feel when people laugh at their mistakes. I know how fast their hearts beat in anger when they get laughed at for trying to speak. They just want to be better but the world won’t allow it. I know how annoying it gets being pushed away for including people from another race in their circle of friends. I’ve faced and overcome it all. 

I’m also a writer and editor. I make sure what you write and publish is correct because a good impression goes a long way.

I may not have the qualification. But I have the love, inspiration and passion that no institution has or can ever teach me. I have the skill of a lifetime and I can’t wait to share it with more people.


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