In this life

A teacher teaches just as much as she learns.
Looking back at The Great Australian Bee, I am still in awe at how much I learned from these kids. The biggest lesson I learned was to keep my chin up even when things go wrong because there is always another day and there is always another chance, God willing.

One of the things I have enjoyed most in my journey as a tutor is how much I learn from my students.

One kid struggles to spell long words. She’s only 7. And I get her to spell words 10 year olds spell. She will never give up. She will make mistake after mistake until she can spell without looking at the board. Even when someone laughs at her, she just ignores it and tries again.

Thanks to her ‘I don’t care what you say I’m going to keep trying anyway’ attitude, she is one of my most improved student. I’m going to miss her when the term ends.



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