Simply red

We’re all RED.
Growing up, I’ve been labeled and called names. Nasty ones. Hurtful ones. A lot of times, I was being cast aside because I loved to speak in English. I was called ‘mat salleh pungkok hitam’ and ‘mat salleh celop’ because they felt I was acting like a white kid while I am actually dark skinned. 

I’ve been told to stop showing off speaking in English. I’ve been accused of forgetting my roots because I preferred to express myself in English. People have questioned if I am a Malay because they rarely here me speak using my mother tongue.

Underneath it all, I am just a Muslim girl who loves a language and now has the passion to empower more people to love the language for a better future. My religion has never stopped or hindered me from mastering a language other than my mother tongue. 

It’s time we humanize humans. We all have dreams. We all have challenges. At the end of the day, we are all RED inside. We all bleed.



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