If it makes you happy

Family day is coming up and I started thinking of something that would get 7-10 year olds excited to learn and perform. It did not take me long to then come up with script for Choral Speaking. Planning the text and the movements got me all smiley and ecstatic.

I passed the text to my students.

‘Ready? Let’s start’

Round 1:

I read the text and they follow. Just so that get the pronunciation and intonation right.

Round 2:

Everyone stands up. I read the text together with the movements and they follow.

Halfway through round 2, I noticed one of them not participating. I asked her what’s wrong and she continued to keep quiet. I gave her a final warning but she remained resistant. I did not have time to deal with her at that point of time so I let it slip for a while. After everyone left the classroom, I asked her to stay on for a little while.

‘What happened to you today?’


‘What is the problem?’


‘Do you not want to do the performance?’


‘All of your friends are doing it. Even the other class is practicing their performance.’


‘Your parents will be coming to see you. Do you want them to see you perform?’

I get a nod.

‘Do you want to make your parents proud?’

Her eyes lit and gave a big nod.

‘Then we have to practice together. And when you do a good job, your parents will be so proud of you. Do you want that?’


‘Okay so the next time I see you, will you practice properly with your friends?’


I gave her a hug and said goodnight.

A few days later, they came back and I started with some recap.

“Eh, teacher! The performance?”

‘We will do that shortly.’

With love, inspiration and passion


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