Give a little bit

A friend sent me this message last week:
“Salam… Kak iman.. I have one student. He never been in school before.. So, he always questioning why he couldn’t play even we let him to play during recess and even sometimes we had games. He is easily distracted by the things around him and also tend to make noise and make fun of other friends who are a bit slower. Do u mind to share ur opinion or tips on how to handle this kind of student?”
Later on I found out that he is 10 and was home schooled.

Truth is, the boy isn’t distracted. He is excited. He’s never seen the things he is seeing now and he wants to try to do and touch and know everything at the same time. So when she conducts games, it’s just that those aren’t the games he gets excited over. 

He wants to play something else he has never played before.

Notice something similar with our own child? We give them something to play with but they seem ‘distracted’ by something else?

Here is an idea. Embrace the thing that catches the child’s attention. As long as it’s safe for him/her, embrace it. Let them do it. Step things up if our child can talk. Get them to tell us about that thing they are so interested with. Have show and tell at home. This will show our child that we are interested in what he/she is interested in. Chances are, in return, our child will show interest in something we like and getting them to like something we feel is good for them will be a tad easier.

It’s the same with English. It may seem that they are not interested when we speak to children in English. Chances are, it’s just that they are not interested in the topic we are talking about. Find out what they like and talk about that. They’ll talk :).
They just want to know that we care. They just want our approval over something they like.


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