Suspicious minds

**This post was shared on my Facebook page on November 2.

‘Teacher, I’m done!’

‘Teacher, I’m also done!’

“Okay good. Let’s continue.”

‘No teacher, wait! I’m not done!’

I get the whole class to wait for her to finish. After a while, I start noticing that she would always need more time to complete the things she needs to write. And no, it’s not because she gets distracted or talks to the others while writing. 

“Do you need any help?”


And I see the problem. Almost every letter of word is erased and written again either because it was spelled wrong or not neatly written. No wonder she always takes forever. 

I take her eraser away. 

‘Teacher! My eraser!’

I help her erase her last error. 

“You don’t need your eraser. Focus on what you’re writing.”

She did not make anymore mistakes in the remaining 30 minutes of the class ☺️.

Safety nets can be good and can be a distraction. In this case, it was a major distraction. Often times, because we know we have something to fall back on, we subconsciously continue making the same mistake. To a point where making the mistake becomes a norm. Then the mistake becomes the comfort zone and getting out of it, is a challenge. 

Her eraser was her safety net. She took her time and subconsciously, her mind was telling her it’s okay to keep making mistakes because there is the eraser. Once the safety net was gone, a new safety net emerged: Focus. 

Help your children get out of their comfort zone by encouraging them to speak. Even if it is one sentence a day. Help them understand that it is not okay to keep falling back to their first language. It is no longer safe.



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