**This post was shared on Facebook page on October 20. 

This sharing comes after being asked this question by a few parents and friends. 

‘Can you teach for PMR?’

‘Can you help my kid? She’s sitting for UPSR next year.’

‘My child is 8 years old. Can you tutor him?’

Here is the thing about language be it English, Arabic, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Japanese or German. Language is a soft skill. Yes, there are technical parts to language. But language in general is a soft skill. It’s not technical like math or factual like science.

It’s a soft skill that once mastered, no matter at which level, can be used a lifetime. The one differentiating factor is the level of difficulty, that depends on things like profession, environment, education etc. 

Simply put, if I am a master at Standard 6 Math, I can’t teach the subject to a 15 year old. I am not familiar with the formulas and terms. But if at the age of 12, I have a strong command of a language, I can help people of any age who want to learn the language. Mind you, I have been corrected by a child before 😉.

Remember I said once you master language, it can be used a lifetime? Here’s how. Until Form 5, everything learned in school was in Bahasa (with the exception of English, of course). Everyday, everywhere I went, I spoke in Bahasa. I learned to master the English language at home. Sometimes, my parents would help with homework in English. After Form 5, I applied for an International Baccalaureate Scholarship. The first round was a Math and Science test conducted in English. I passed the test. Even though I learned the 2 subjects (for 15 years) in Bahasa, my firm command and understanding of the language got me through the test.

Once you master the language, it can be used a lifetime. 

Which is also why I do not teach English. I don’t teach you what the school teaches you. I cannot and will not teach you why ‘She has’ but ‘I have’. I can and will train and tutor you to master the language. I will help you understand how to use the language. Which word is best used for which situation. I can show you ways to make your sentence sound nice. I will train you to speak the right way. And once you master the language, you can use it for any examination. You can use it for anything.

So, yes, I can tutor anyone regardless of age to learn English 🙂.



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