Treat me like a rose 

**This post was shared on my Facebook page on August 11.

We all want to be able to go to a public toilet and find it clean. Yet when we meet someone who works as a cleaner/janitor, we say ‘Kerja cleaner je?’
We all want our roads clean. Yet when we meet some who works as a garbage collector, we say ‘Kerja kutip sampah?’

We all want the best care if we go to the clinic or get admitted to the hospital. Yet when we meet someone who welds as a nurse, we say ‘Kerja nurse je?’

We all want to experience good customer service whether over the phone or over the counter. Yet when we meet some who works as a receptionist or a customer service agent, we say ‘Kerja front desk?’

We all want good things in life, yet we tend to look down on the people and workforce who are there to make our lives just a little bit more comfortable and convenient.

We are all one unit and coexist to compliment each other. No job is bigger or smaller than the other. Without the garbage collectors, cleaners and janitors, we will walk in filth. Without the nurses, we will be neglected when we need immediate healthcare. Without the people in customer service, we’d need to service ourself. And if we do not know how to get it done, it can be very frustrating.

So the next time we meet the kakak cleaner at the shopping mall, thank her for keeping the toilet clean. Before leaving the clinic or hospital, thank the nurse for their hospitality. As we end our call with a customer service agent, thank them for their assistance.

We need them to exist for our own existence.

Cause if we walk into a dirty public toilet, are we going to get on our knees, fold our sleeves and get it cleaned?



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