**This post was shared on my Facebook page on October 11.

Every week, my students must do dictation. I made this a weekly ritual after noticing that many times, they hear me wrongly. And most of the time, they mispronounce words.
In typical dictation style, I’d read a sentence and they’d write. Once done, I’d write the answer down and if they make a mistake, even one mistake, they’d have to write the whole sentence down again.

Almost every word was misspelled. They spelled words as per my pronunciation.

Would was spelt wud

I had caught spelled as cot

Paw became po

They became day (there will be another post on this)

Like transformed to laik

The list goes on. They had so many errors that they started getting bored of having to write the correction. 

So I changed the format. I picked out words I know they’d get wrong and go through spelling with them first. And then, dictation.

“Teacher can I copy the just now?”
‘You can refer.’

“Teacher! He copy!”

‘It’s okay, you can refer.’

‘Are you ready to see the answer?’


“Ha yang ni aku betul. Confirm betul.”

‘Speak in English.’

“Kau tengok mestilah betul.”

‘Teacher cakap can.’

As I start writing the answer, I hear voices rejoicing.

“Betul! Betul! Aku betul.”

“Aku pun!”

‘Speak in English.’

“Betul apa?” 

‘Correct. I spelled correctly.’

“Ha. Correct. I correct.” It sounded more like ‘korek’ which I’ll accept, for now.

Set the kids up to win. Set it so that they know they will achieve something. They’ll keep going.



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