**This post was shared on my Facebook page on September 28

So kids will be kids right?
Every time I give my students a writing exercise, they start chatting. 

Attempt 1:

“Are you done writing?”


“Then why are you talking?”
**in a very motherly tone, I promise**

Well motherly or not, it did not work. 

Attempt 2:

“Do you write with your hand or with your mouth?”


“Okay. So only use your hand to write.”

Class stays silent. Woohoooo! 

From the corner of my eye, I see a head bobbing. I turn to see if he is okay to see his pencil in his mouth, trying to write. I laughed silently so hard I hurt my stomach. Kids will be kids.

When they get thirsty, I’d let them have a drink. Do they drink silently? Haha.. Of course not. They create a 2 minute party!

“Do you drink with your mouth or with y….”


‘I drink with my mouth la teacher’


“Okay drink quietly and quickly. Come on.”

They had fun laughing at me. Kids will be kids.



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