I’m a little coconut

** This post was shared on my Facebook page on August 13.

 I’ve always read about the goodness of coconut oil. But as usual, never took much notice until I saw its charm for myself. Isn’t that always the case? We only believe when it happens to us. Anyway………
I was introduced to the coconut oil by Cik Miah (my Mak Bidan). She used it for my hair during my confinement. But I found it useful for many other things.

When Azzalea was a newborn, it was a challenge to dry her neck. Her neck was soft and she didn’t quite like her head being pushed upwards. Plus, being a first time mom, whenever she cried, I’d stop trying to dry her neck any further cause I was afraid I was hurting her. So I’d only dry what I could and then applied powder. After a while, I noticed that she would shriek when I tried to dry her neck. I pushed her head up anyway and found a slight tear. I started applying the oil before bath time to avoid water from touching her neck. Alhamdulillah, after 2 days, her healed.

Back in March and April when she was born, the weather was very hot. Her skin between her legs started to tear. Having the diaper strapped did not help. Again, I applied the oil before putting her diaper on. Just the oil. No powder. Alhamdulillah, after a couple of days, her skin healed and I continued to apply the oil on her skin between her legs.

By the second week of breastfeeding Azzalea, my nipple had started to crack. Cik Miah and a few of my relatives who visited advised me to apply some of my milk around my nipple. After more than a week, it didn’t heal. Then I had a thought.. The oil worked for Azzalea, could it work for me? True enough. I applied the oil after every feed. In just a few days, it healed. I still apply the oil till today and no more cracks thus far.

I had the flu a couple months back. All the wiping of my nose made it sore. I applied the oil before I hit the sack and Alhamdulillah, no scar.

So there. Apart from keeping hair shiny and healthy, it’s really good for the skin. Find coconut oil at any pharmacy. Any brand will do the trick.

With love, inspiration and passion,


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