Here’s to us

**This post was shared on my Facebook page on October 13.

Service is about the customer. 
It’s not even about the customer being right. It’s just about the customer.

Without the customer, there is no demand. No demand means no opportunity. No opportunity means no business. No business means no job.

Service is knowing the customer. Their likes and dislikes. The things that make them happy. Ways to turn their mood around. Tricks to calm them down. Turning frowns into smiles. Understanding their reaction. Responding to their demands.

Service is accepting that the customer started their day ecstatic or had a rough day or just got out of a fight or was just given great news or loves details or is even slow. 

Service represents knowledge, a brand, quality, a standard and more importantly, service represents us as a person. 

What’s the best way to ensure a valuable service? Imagine ourself as the customer. Imagine the service we expect when we are happy, angry, annoyed, confused, in a hurry, desperate, juggling 10 other things or just plain indecisive.

It’s not that customers are not right or wrong. It’s that service knows, understands and accepts.



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