Doogie Howser

**This post was shared on my Facebook page on October 17. 

The kid I tutor’s mom asked me to help with her son’s writing as she noticed many grammar errors in some of his school work. He obviously heard her concern and said that he recently scored a 9/10 for his writing exercise. I asked to take a look.

He wrote about wanting to be a doctor. There were errors here and there but one really stood out.

‘Dissect a patient’

And his teacher marked it as correct.

“We don’t dissect patients. We cut them open or operate on them.”

Perhaps his teacher missed out on it. Perhaps his teacher wasn’t aware ‘dissect’ isn’t the right word. Either way, it gets parents worried that their children get good grades in school but in reality, they have a long way to go. 

Take the time to check your children’s school work. If you think they need extra help, let me know. InsyaAllah I can help. 



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