**This post was shared on my Facebook page on September 8.

Breakthrough oh breakthrough.
One of the girls in class is really timid. She’s not shy. She is actually full of life and has the sweetest smile. She is just timid. When she arrives, she would just quietly take a seat and wait for the class to start.

Since the first class, it was a challenge to hear her voice. She would respond and answer, but so softly. I’d have to read her lip movement to see if her answers were correct. 

I tried something new a few weeks back. Every time I couldn’t hear her,

‘I can’t hear you.’
‘Louder so that I can hear you.’

Over the next few weeks, I noticed that she started sitting upright when writing and she stood with her back straight when reading.

In the recent class, she arrived, gave her salam and walked straight towards me.
“Teacher, where I sit?”

She caught me off guard completely. I stayed silent for a while. Did she really?

She lifted her shoulders and eyebrows at me like ‘Where?’

“You choose since you are early”.


Same girl.

‘How are you today?’
“Apa tu?”
‘What did you eat?’

“Apa tu?”

‘What does this mean (pointing at a word on the board)?’

“Apa tu?”

In the recent class:

‘What did you eat?’

“I ate rice with fish.”

‘What did you drink?’
“Tak minum”

‘I didn’t drink.’
“I didn’t drink teacher.”
I almost cried. 

I am still getting used to being called teacher. I insist there is another word. I just haven’t found it. 



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