2 + 2 = 5

**This post was shared on my Facebook page on August 24.

In one of my conversations with one of the kids, I caught one of them saying the number 55 as fivety five. 
Then in another conversation, one of them did not know that 12 is twelve.

I draw up the lesson plan for numbers 1 – 100. First lesson starts with numbers 1 – 30. Then 31 – 50, followed by 51 – 80 and finally 81 – 100.

One of the activities needs them to move towards a number or the spelling of the number that I lay in the floor. Love how they go looking for their number. I see all sorts of faces. 


At the end of the first class, I had 60 sheets of paper to sort out (30 numbers + 30 spelling of the numbers). Took me awhile. By the end of the second class, I had 100 to sort out. 

Now how do I do this effectively???

I have a room full of children who are not fans of the words ‘sit down’. I split them into 2 groups. Place the numbers and the words on the floor and tell them to arrange the numbers in sequence. 

Lalalalalaaaaa 🎼🎹🎹.

I sit down and catch my breath.

‘Teacher done!’


Breath taken, numbers sorted. 50 numbers to go!



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