A moment like this

**This story was shared on my Facebook page on July 23.

My class of 5 students comprises of one 7 year old, two 8 year olds and two 9 year olds.

They are given a nursery rhyme on fingers. Their task is to recite the rhyme with its actions
I have 10 fingers (show 10 fingers)
And they all belong to me (point all fingers to self)
I can make them do anything
Would you like to see? (Address the audience)
I can shut them up tight (clench fist)
I can open them wide (open fist)
I can put them together (clasp palm)
I can hide them all away (put fingers behind)
“Who wants to sing their nursery rhyme first?”

The younger ones raise their hands eagerly. As they do their presentation, I overhear the two 9 year olds.

“Boringnya. Ni untuk budak budak”

Approaches them individually.

“What does shut mean?”

‘I don’t know’

“What does tight mean?”

‘I don’t know’

“What does belong mean?”

‘I don’t know’

I use hand gestures and read the nursery rhyme back to them.

“What does shut mean?”

‘Oh! Tutup!’

“What does tight mean?”


“What does belong mean?”


“Almost right. Kepunyaan saya”

“You see, that’s why you need to read it with actions. So that you understand the words and you understand what you’re reading.


“Who wants to sing their nursery rhyme first?”

The two 9 year olds raise their hands up as quickly as the younger ones and they start to argue who raised their hand first. I make them draw lots.

These kids need that little push. They need a little tender love and care so they understand. They need to know that someone cares when they don’t.


With love, inspiration and passion


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