With love, inspiration and passion

I was one of those who wasn’t sure what to do after graduation. Work, of course. But as what? I was about to graduate with a degree in Human Resource but had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to work. Out of a stroke of luck, I was offered to work in a bank as a customer service agent. I worked my butt off and eventually fell in love with the job. After a year, I was promoted to Team Leader and suddenly, my path was carved. All the training and helping agents and colleagues excel at customer service made me realize that I love to unleash people’s potential. The big boulder in the middle of my path: what potential?

I started charting my career as a trainer. It started with me being a recruitment consultant. Here, I was alarmed at the poor command of the English language amongst the younger generation. I put the pieces together and found what I was meant to do: Helping people master the English language for a better future!

Since 2012, that’s what I’ve beeen doing. From a girl who knew not what she was doing, to finding my passion and pursuing it.

Not everyone is privileged to already know what they want to do. And not all get the chance to pursue their dream. So what I will say is this. Grab opportunities that are in front of you even if you feel it’s not something you want to do. Do a good job at it anyway. You never know what might come out of it.

My blog will share my stories, experiences and journey in educating people and learning from them. Along the way, I will also share some personal stories of mine 🙂

May my lighthearted stories give you hope, even if it’s just a speck.

💝 #littlegirlwithamillionwords

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